What is Cannaspeaks?

You’re experts, and so are we. Cannaspeaks is an agency specialising in translation services for cannabis companies that understand the importance of choosing just the right words.
Quality matters, and to provide it you have to know the product back to front. That’s why Cannaspeaks specialises exclusively in translations for the cannabis industry – our industry.
All our energies are focused on keeping up with all the latest terminology, jargon and developments so we can provide you with first class results. 

Our values


If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. All our translations are carefully reviewed multiple times before delivery, so they’re always word perfect. Because the quality of your translations should match the quality of your products.

02 Communication

You’re the expert on your product, so we want you involved in the translation process. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business. We’ll always keep you updated on your project, but don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with emails.

03 Dedication

All our translators are subject matter specialists, familiar with all the terminology and jargon relevant to your business. We’re 100% dedicated to providing translation services for cannabis companies like yours and passionate about what we do.


Rocío del Amo is the founder of Cannaspeaks. A freelance translator since 2008, she spent years learning all about the ins and outs of the world of marijuana.

She quickly realised there was nowhere businesses could turn if they needed specialised language consultancy services for the cannabis industry. So she decided to take the leap and founded Cannaspeaks in 2021.

A Spanish native speaker based in Salamanca, she’s a tireless traveller, an avid reader and never stops learning.

She’s also professional member of ASETRAD (Spanish Association of Translators, Editors and Interpreters).

She’ll be your first point of contact when you contact Cannaspeaks, and manages all projects entrusted to experienced collaborators.

Rocío del Amo

Linguistic Education

Universidad de Salamanca

BA+MA in English Studies
2001 – 2005

Universitè d’Orlèans

Erasmus – Linguistics
2005 – 2006

Universidad de Salamanca

MA in Advanced Studies in Linguistics and Certificate of Proficiency in Academic Research
Master’s Dissertation: “Language and Identity”. Exploring the relationships between these two concepts from an individual, gender, social and online perspective

Universidad de Salamanca

MA in Translation and Intercultural Mediation
Master’s Dissertation: “Translation in the Wine Sector”. Exploring the nature and challenges of specialized translation

Translator and proofreader

European Commission
July 2017 – August 2017

Cannabis Education


  • Cannabis Sommelier Level 1 (2022)


  • Introduction to Cannabis (2020)
  • Advanced Cannabis Growing (2020)
  • Cannabis Extractions 1 (2022)

Trichome Institute

  • Cannabis for All (2021)
  • Cannabis Consultant Training (2021)
  • Professional Interpening (2021)
  • Extractions & Concentrates Fundamentals (2021)
  • Cooking with cannabis (2022)

Cannabis Training University

  • How to Grow Cannabis (2021)
  • Cannabis Cooking & Extractions (2021)
  • Cannabis Laws & Regulations (2021)
  • Budtending (2021)
  • Cannabis Dispensary Operations (2021)
  • Cannabis Delivery Service Operations (2021)
  • Cannabis as Medicine (2021)
  • Cannabis Business Training (2021)
  • Cannabis Careers
  • CTU Master Certificate Program (2021)
  • Cannabis Expert (2022)
  • Marijuana 101 (2022)
  • Cannabis Growing Pro (2022)
  • Cannabis Cooking Pro (2022)
  • Cannabis Dispensary Pro (2022)
  • Cannabis Extraction Pro (2022)
  • Cannabis Business Pro (2022)
  • Cannabis Budtender (2022)

THC University

  • Introduction to CBD (2021)
  • Terpenes: The Healing Link between Essential Oils and Cannabis (2021)
  • Budtender Basics Certification (2022)
  • Washington Safety and Regulations Certification (2022)
  • Colorado Safety and Regulations Certification (2022)
  • Marijuana 101 Certification (2022)
  • Horticulture Specialist Certification (2022)
  • Cannabis Business Certification (2022)
  • Grow Basics Certification (2022)

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