The cannabis industry is a varied and multi-faceted one that’s still finding its feet and evolving every day. Your business is evolving with it, and so are we.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on us for translation, editing, localisation, transcreation and linguistic consultancy. 

Make sure your multilingual content does your business justice by trusting an agency specialising in cannabis industry translation services.

EN to ES Translation

EN>ES Translation

Medical cannabis is such a vast and technically precise industry that professional translation companies dealing with it require very specific knowledge.
Knowing the difference between cannabinoids and phenotypes, THC and CBD, while understanding the implications of using different strains for the relief of varying medical symptoms is just the starting point for your medical marijuana translation service provider.

And beyond the world of medical marijuana, there are countless other products and businesses linked to cannabis that also need their translation providers to have this specialist knowledge.
With an established glossary of cannabis terminology and a team of marijuana-savvy professional translators, we lead the way for all cannabis industry translation services.

Our founder Rocío handles projects involving translation from Italian and English into Spanish, her native language. 
Our Spanish translations for the cannabis industry are always high quality, error-free and totally fit for purpose.

  • Website copy, social media content, newsletters, emails and press releases
  • Informational and promotional brochures
  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Medical information
  • Services descriptions
  • Journalistic and informative texts
  • Manuals and procedures

Language Consultancy

As well as translations, Cannaspeaks offers a wide range of services conceived to meet the cannabis industry’s needs in terms of communication and internationalization.

  • We allow organizations to bring their business and products to new markets by eliminating cultural barriers and getting closer to their customers.
  • We support companies in their internationalization process by helping them to implement their global strategies.

That means that excellent translation skills aren’t enough. To help our clients, we need knowledge of social and cultural elements without which crossing international borders would be impossible.

In a sector so specific and yet so unknown among the general public, it’s fundamental to be able to count on an expert company which knows and understands your industry.


  • Multilingual translation project management
  • Checking translations done by another provider – linguistic and cultural aspects
  • Advice on your tone of voice, style suggestions, keywords (SEO) or brand name
  • Terminology management and corporate language identity
  • Glossary creation and management
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Transcreation
Language Consultancy


Your project isn’t one size fits all, so neither is our pricing. We offer competitive rates and provide each client with a personalised quote based on their specific needs. Just get in touch with us to find out more.

Our process

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We get translating

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We make sure everything’s 100% accurate

  • We have quality assurance processes in place to make sure your translation is error free. We’ll get in touch with any questions and are open to yours

We wrap up and you get going

  • You receive the final files and start reaping the rewards!

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